How to Crochet a Brazilian Hair

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How to Crochet a Brazilian Hair

發表 由 westkiss 于 周二 10月 31, 2017 2:25 pm

If you want a trendy hairstyle, then consider doing a crochet Brazilian Hair. Crocheting hair into your head is a basic style that can change your look dramatically. In addition, adding a crochet weave to your Malaysian Hair is a protective hairstyle, as none of your real hair is visible and there is no glue involved.

1. Part your hair in the manner that you want to style your crochet weave. For example, if you want a middle part, then part your Ombre Hair Weave as close to the middle as possible. Do the same if you want a side or slanted part.

2. Braid your hair going to the back in cornrows. The smaller the braid, the neater the weave will appear. Complete this process until your whole head is done.

3. Thread the sewing needle and sew the end of the cornrow to the main braid using the basic stitch sewing method.

4. Cut the end of the thread and tie a sturdy knot to alleviate the end of the braid from coming undone from the cornrow. Complete this process until all the ends of the cornrows are attached to the main braid. This is considered your base.

5. Spray a mist of holding spray onto the braid to make the braid sticky. Insert the crochet needle underneath the first cornrow closest to your ear. Start at your hairline.

6. Grab a thin piece of crocheting weave and fold it in half. Wrap the loop around the hook on the crochet needle.

7. Close the latch on the crochet needle and pull the hair halfway through the braid. One end of the hair will overlap the cornrow.

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