How to Apply Human Hair Weave


How to Apply Human Hair Weave

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You may wish to add length and volume to your short hairstyle for a special occasion, such as if you are attending a wedding, prom or other social event. One way this can be done is to add hair extensions to natural hair. When you Cheap Human Hair Weave using glue, the extensions can remain in the person's hair for several days. This allows for several new hairstyles that wouldn't normally be available to an individual with a shorter hairstyle.

1. Use a flat iron to completely straighten the person's Malaysian Hair Weave. It is best to begin this process with straightened hair as it makes it easier to apply the hair extensions.

2. Clip away the front half of the Ombre Hair Weave . Comb a line from the tip of the person's ear on one side to the tip of the opposite ear. Then, clip this entire section of hair.

3. Begin at the nape of the neck and comb a diagonal section from the center back of the person's head down, leaving about an inch of hair below the section.

4. Clip away the hair above the diagonal section so that you have a smooth surface to work with and so it will be easy to apply the hair extension directly to the person's head.

5. Apply hair extension glue to the wefted area at the top of the extension. Dot the glue in order to cover the wefted area evenly. Dotting the glue helps you avoid putting too much glue on the extension.

6. Press the wefted area that you have just glued to the scalp at the top of the diagonal section that you have separated.

7. Hold the extension tightly with one hand. Hold the nozzle of your dryer directly toward the wefted area of the extension with your other hand.

8. Turn the hair dryer to cool air and hold the cool air against the glued hair extension for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute.

9. Let down about an inch of hair in the back from what is clipped away and apply the hair extension just as you did before.

10. Work your way up the back of the head while creating diagonal sections. Then, release the clipped hair in the front.

11. Separate diagonal sections in the front of the head and apply the hair extensions. Be sure to keep the extensions far enough away from the hairline in the front that they are not visible. Once you get to the top of the head, you will want to leave out enough hair so that you cannot see any hair extensions noticeably in that area either.

12. Use hair-cutting scissors to blend the extensions with your natural hair once you have completed the process of gluing them in.

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