How to Heat Fixed Brazilian Hair


How to Heat Fixed Brazilian Hair

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Brazilian Hair are convenient and can enhance a person's appearance by giving them the ability to create the hair length, style, color and texture of their preference. Heating fixed hair extensions is a plus because it keeps the heat off of the natural hair, thus minimizing damage. However, heating fixed Body Wave Weave can cause damage to the hair extensions if not heated with caution. Proper maintenance for the hair extensions must be done before heating to preserve the extension's appearance and longevity.

1. Make sure fixed Brazilian Curly Weave hair extensions are clean before applying heat. Wash fixed hair extensions with shampoo thoroughly to remove oils, dirt and bacteria that can keep the hair from taking to any heat and styling. Comb the extensions with a wide-tooth comb when wet to detangle before blow drying.

2. When conditioning human hair extensions, let conditioner set for 15 to 30 minutes under a heated dryer to allow oils to penetrate your natural hair. Natural hair can be susceptible to dryness and breakage if it is not washed and conditioned on a daily basis.

3. Part the hair extensions off into sections. Parting the hair can make it easier to curl or straighten every strand without missing any sections.

4. Maintain a low to medium setting on heated curling irons or flat irons. Heat only human hair extensions because its fibers can tolerate a higher heat setting. Do not heat synthetic fixed hair extensions (a type of man-made hair) because they are resistant to heat.

5. Use caution when blow-drying and curling fixed hair extensions. Burning the extensions can cause permanent damage. If hair extensions are burned, they will need to be replaced.

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