How to Put in Invisible Brazilian Hair


How to Put in Invisible Brazilian Hair

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Traditionally, weaves or Brazilian Hair are bonded to the hair by sewing or gluing. Tracks can also be bonded to the hair with double-stick tape. These types of tracks are referred to as Invisi-Track or InvisaTracks because the extension appears to blend seamlessly into the hair. This method attaches the weave to the hair with a clear tape, which allows it to blend in better than other bonding methods. Before incorporating this type of track into your Body Wave Weave hair, make sure the hair is washed and dried thoroughly.

1. Comb the hair thoroughly.

2. Pick a location to insert the first track. The track can be inserted anywhere on the head. It is most convenient to work from the rear of the scalp upward.

3. Part the Brazilian Curly Weave hair, either horizontally or vertically, where you want the track placed.

4. Place the double-stick track tape along the part. The tape actually sticks to the hair, not the scalp exposed by the part. Place the tape right underneath the part. If placing along a vertical part, place the tape on the side of the part you want the track to extend from.

5. Cut any excess tape that extends the length of the part with a pair of scissors.

6. Remove the white tape paper from the tape once it is in place. Once the paper is removed, you are ready to stick the track to it.

7. Place the track along the tape. Smooth the track onto the tape with a firm finger.

8. Cut any excess track that extends the needed width away with scissors.

9. Use a flat iron to straighten the real hair together with the weave tracks. Not only will this help the real hair look as straight as the weave tracks, the heat will bond and blend both types of hair together. Avoid placing the flat iron over the actual top of the track where the tape is located.

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