What is the attention of the wig?


What is the attention of the wig?

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How did the wig wash? Clean wig is we protect the wig of an important operation, but the wig and real hair, after all, the difference, and thus grasp the wig clear

The trick of washing is necessary. Here are some of the things we should pay attention to when washing wigs:

1, wash the wig to use warm water

Wash the wig, the first wig in the warm water (15 ~ 30℃ is better) soak for 5 minutes, the water temperature to cut the number of wigs overheating.

2, certainly not available washing machine wash

The intense scuffling of the washing machine may cause the wig to fall a lot and even scattered.

3, shampoo to be soft

With a small number of soft shampoo co-hand rub, do not force too much, not a long time soaking

4, natural dry

After cleaning, can not use the washing machine to dry, can not use the hair may be dried in the sun, with a dry towel after the natural air drying is the most correct approach.


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