How to Make The Weaves Look As Natural As Your Hair


How to Make The Weaves Look As Natural As Your Hair

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Blend, it is the biggest concern of women who are going to wear Brazilian Hair weaves because they want the extensions to look as natural as their hair. So, most of you are looking for techniques that will allow the weaves to appear as if it is growing out of your own head. no one wants an unnatural appearance, here I share some great ways to help you look flawless.

1. Bangs are hot, side swept and blunt cut are all good. They cover the Human Hair Weave line so will eliminate the issure of blending your natural hairline. If the bangs are too heavy, just have it cut and shaped.

2. Cut your weaves to suit your face. Treat weaves like your own Human Hair Bundles. It is a nice idea to have the weave hair trimmed by a professional, to make layers suit your face perfectly.

3. When applying weaves, just in middle of your top head, or towards the back, because this can use your own hairline. However, you must use tools to attach weaves to your own hair, perm rods for curly hair or just flat ironing your own hair to match straight hair weave.

4. Top closure is a great solution to cover cornrow braids but appearing just the way your own scalp will. Top closures have different sizes, lengths and styles, so to ensure that you find a style that exactly matches your own hair.

5. Take some time to look for the best virgin hair weaves and closures. High quality virgin hair will get you a natural looking and closely match your own hair. Take color and texture into consideration when choosing weaves.

6. Taking good care of your weaves is necessary when you want to maintain a long natural look. Please ensure the hair is taken care according to the advice of a professional, because this will make your hair remain naturally all the time.

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