Static Electricity-- My Hair How To Get Rid Of It


Static Electricity-- My Hair How To Get Rid Of It

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The winter makes me feel excited and the cool air seems to make hair lay just right. LOL...I have naturally wavy hair, and the only time I like to wear it straight is in the cooler months. Therefore, Malaysian straight hair weave is the best choice for me in the winter. When i lay it in flat, just like to say it do its own thing.

But in the winter, there is a problem you always met, that is the Static Electricity. Do you always get trouble of it when you took off your cloth? Or it stick on your cloth? The reason why the static electricity will generate is that the hair becomes dry and tarnished. To this end, we will introduce you to several simple methods of hair care and hair growth, so that our hair is bright and elegant in the dry season.

Cold Water Rinse
Using cold water to rinse your hair, which can make the hair keep moisture. After washing, switch the water from hot to cold. Try and make it as cold as you can bear. It is very useful for the deep wave human hair weave if you wear it, since the deep wave hair is more bouncy and easily to become frizz.

Milk and Honey Mask
The hair also need the mask to lock the moisture just like the face. It sounds really natural and convenient that the milk combine with the honey. Making a hair mask with this combination is one of the best way to avoid the static electricity. You can apply this mark on your hair like mink brazilian hair straight hair about one half hours; after rinsing the hair, please using the conditioner to make your hair keep the moisture.

Avoid to Using the Hair Dryer
Over time your virgin hair will become more and more drier if you often to use the hair dryer. It is better that you can let your hair air dry, and reduce the times of hair dryers used.

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