How To Keep Your Brazilian Hair Extension Fresh


How To Keep Your Brazilian Hair Extension Fresh

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Brazilian Hair Extension are a most popular beauty fashion tool for women today. You can easily create a natural look by adding additional hair extension that matches your own hair.Just as your Brazilian Hair, Such human hairextensions also need your care and maintain to keep fresh.Caring hair needs time and patience. Here is some hair care knowledge you can learn.If you are worried that you don’t know how to keep your hair fresh?Just follow Yolissa Hair, you can find the easy way to do so.

You should know when to Wash Your Extensions
Brazilian Human Hair Weave can’t be washed too often. If you wear them every day and often use styling products. You can wash them regularly.It is suggested that you only wash your extensions when they look dry and loses shine.While the hair is Remy hair extensions, it won't producing natural oils like the rest of your hair, thus requiring less frequent washing.

Wash Your Extensions Correctly Is Important
Fill the sink with warm water, and put a few drops gentle shampoo that free of alcohol and other harmful components. And let your hair extensions soak in the water for about 5 minutes and rinse them under running water.And then dry them with a towel, apply some leave-in conditioner to make your hair smooth and soft.If you choose to blow dry your hair, be sure in a low setting to reduced the damage of heat.

How to Store Your Extensions
If you want to keep your extensions looking fresh and ready to install for the perfect hairstyle at any time you want, it's important to store them properly. Before you store your extensions, be sure that they are thoroughly dry. If they are still wet when put into a case, your hair tends to grow mold, especially the human hair weave. After the hair is dried, gently put it in a plastic bag or storage container. Keep them in a safe area that the wet can't reach.

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