How will the wigs fall?


How will the wigs fall?

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With the development of hair replacement technology, hair no longer times people people troubles. Wig improperly worn, the effect is very bad, the right to wear a wig is very important. Recently a lot of friends to consult me, how to bring wigs will not Fall? In this regard, I am here to make a detailed answer, the following to see together.

Mainly wigs wearing a good way to wear, so that the wig can be better fixed.

How will the wigs fall?

First wear the neck, and then pull up the hair on the set.

Then, the net will be pulled back, pulled up to pay attention to check whether there are covered to the surrounding. If not cover to do some adjustments, covered in the hair with a small hairpin fixed, sort out the overall effect.

It's put on the wig both hands to seize the sides, down into the head.

Finally, while pressing and while looking in the mirror to see if there is uneven height. Slightly look at the whole, so that the overall effect can be good.


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