How to different Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair


How to different Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair

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Wavy hair looks great on almost many is add a lot of hair volume and hair style to your look when it comes to add-on hair, the choices are as endless as there are types and textures of natural virgin hair in the world., when you make final decision that you need to know hair special characteristic ,For many of us who are confused between Brazilian and Peruvian hair bundles,let us see the inherent differences and the special features of the two.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian hair is the most popular hair type in South Africa. The hair is typically soft, relatively thick and very durable. For this reason the hair is suited to any style so it is always a great option whether you prefer a straight, wavy or curly style. Brazilian hair also handles colour extremely well so if you buy Virgin Brazilian hair you can colour the hair to any colour you like. Due to the natural density the hair has it is also less likely to frizz which is a big plus and you can also use fewer bundles to still maintain a full look.

Peruvian Hair
Peruvian hair is thick, straight, or slightly wavy, usually thicker and coarser in texture than Brazilian hair. Peruvian hair is lightweight, but provides more volume and looks very natural for African-American women. Peruvian hair has become extremely popular especially among Black women.

Peruvian hair is 100% unprocessed Human Hair Bundles, can be colored, iron-flated and curled. You can achieve a full hair installation with lesser bundles due to its natural thickness. Peruvian hair bundles comes available in various textured styles: Peruvian straight hair, Curly Peruvian hair, Pervian wavy hair.

Both Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair are 100% virgin remy hair, comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths, and very popular among African-American women. Virgin Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair, give you a beautiful hair look forever.

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