How To Let Your Human Hair Looks Natural


How To Let Your Human Hair Looks Natural

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Brazilian Hair is the necessary beauty products for most customers,and by it,believe no one want to let others find you are wearing the,we have some steps to let the Peruvian Hair looks natural.

1,get the perfect color match for your hair and the extensions
Usually you can choose the hair extension color about 2-3 shades darker or lighter from your Human Hair Bundles color.if you have a unique hair,match the hair extension color to your own hair ends color,not the root color.and when your unique color can’t find the available hair extensions,Most customers will choose 1 to 3 colors to get the perfect color blend.

2,wear the hair extensions by different length
As our natural hair has the natural layers,so when you get the long hair with hair extensions,you need different length to create the natural layer,not just a same length.

3,choose the high quality human hair extensions
The high quality hair is the hair cut from one donor,so the hair just like our own hair,can be washed and the real remy quality hair will looks more natural,not only they can keep its original state after wash and dye,not become frizzy and matte, but also can last longer.

4,get a professional hairstylist
The stylist can cut and blend hair extensions to the best.a professional stylist have all the tricks,they will do the hair extensions to make them look 100% natural.First,choose the suit hair extensions,for hair extensions types,length,colors,then when you installed the real natural hair extensions,also need to take good care of the hair,like wash dry process,all needs to protect the hair extensions,after this,you will have the 100% natural hair extensions for longer time.

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