How To Maintain Human Hair Wigs


How To Maintain Human Hair Wigs

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Human hair wigs made from Indian or Brazilian Hair in expensive, It is worth to buy since they offer a very natural looks. In order to make the wig more in line with the requirements of the role of oneself, buy the wig can be self-pruning in order to make the wig more suitable for their own. But Human Hair Weave how to care, it has become many hair wigs enthusiasts a headache, Now following according to Brazilian teach you how to care good your charming hair wig.

1. the Weave Hair can be washed with cold water or warm water, wash the time with the general shampoo on OK can be combined with the general conditioner

2. As far as possible do not use the hair dryer when wash the wig hair, and resolutely can not use high-temperature wind dry! Blowing can only be done with cold wind! Apply a dry towel to gently dry the wig on the excess water and then put it into the ventilation to avoid direct sunlight on the wig damage

3. after washing do not immediately comb the wig should be done after the wig and then combed.

4. do Brazilian remy human hair wigs, in order to make more shapes of hair. You can spray on the wig in the water, hair wax and the like really use the styling agent, but it will make the wigs become sticky, therefor you need to clean the wig after use.

5. Use of wigs comb, or anti-static board comb, but do not use plastic comb or comb card .

7. If the wig with a long knot bad comb do not pull hard, should be sprayed with wigs dedicated non-oily maintenance liquid and then slowly carefully rationalized. If not, you can use clothing softener against Water use, the effect is not bad.

9. relatively long wigs when the wig to the length of a few paragraphs, from the bottom up comb, must be light and patient.

10. Usually do not wear on the original packaging, to take when the rejection about to restore the original.

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