Choice and maintenance of wigs


Choice and maintenance of wigs

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Wigs with the face with a good, mainly to prevent the face of the defects exposed, but do not put a large tress hair on the forehead, but it will let others think you want to cover anything.

When choosing a wig, consider the proportion of the body. For example, the head of a long neck should choose the lower hair, the wigs hanging in the neck; petite, do not wear heavy and thick wig. In addition, but also depends on the elasticity of the wig and rhythm how, otherwise it will appear unnatural. Hair color and the original do not go too far, because that will not be lining and color. If the hair is very scarce, wearing a wig will be docile, if the original hair more, before wearing a wig, should be combing their hair comb straightened, then the hair is divided into several parts, were rolled on the head.

Wigs need a good maintenance to use long. In fact, the wig washing and protection is not difficult, as long as ready to a wire hair brush, a dense tooth comb, a big tooth comb can be. First by hand to get a good wig, first with a large tooth comb on the wig on the hair comb. From the top of the comb, above the comb and then comb the following, do not start from the top of the comb to the bottom, it will make the wig off, or make long wig broken from the middle. And finally comb hair, so that the wig will not only comb the smooth, but also reveal the twists and turns caused by ripples.

Wigs used for some time, will be issued with the same hair as sweat, even if not disheveled, should also be regularly cleaned. Washing method is: in the pot filled with warm water, the water temperature of about 32 ℃ -33 ℃, the wig into the wet, pour shampoo slightly pinched, the net is also placed in the water washing, pressing several times, dirt and Sweat can be removed. And then picked up the wig gently, squeeze the above water, wash with water once, and then comb with a large card comb gently, dry with a clean towel on it.

Wig dry after the comb it was smooth, docile, you can use the newspaper roll up good. If long-term preservation, it is best to put a little cotton into the wig, the wig rolled into a hair circle, and then hairpin hair circle hairpin, you can keep a good hairstyle. If your wig will be used in the short term, then it is best not to fix the hair, as long as the wig made twists and turns have, and then it is a hairpin hairpin it can. You can also use gelatin stereotypes, the effect can be comparable with the real hair.


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