How to Fit a brazilian virgin hair


How to Fit a brazilian virgin hair

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Modern brazilian virgin hair are lightweight, comfortable, natural-looking and easy to style. But if you do not fit it properly, even the highest quality wig will appear lump, bumpy or even crooked on your head. With just a little bit of practice, however, you can feel confident and look beautiful wearing your virgin brazilian hair.

1. Prepare your brazilian virgin hair for the wig to go over it. If you have mid-length or long hair, create flat pin-curls all over your head using small sections of hair and bobby pins. Distribute them evenly over your head so that there are no bumps or lumps.

2. Put a wig liner or wig cap over your pin curls. If you have brazilian virgin hair, no hair or very short hair, you can put on the wig liner without first making pin curls.

3. Hold the wig with both hands at the nape where the label sits.

4. Tilt your head slightly forward. Place the front of the wig above your eyebrows and slide the wig onto your head the way you would a bathing cap.

5. Push the front of the wig up and back until the rim of the virgin brazilian hair sits slightly below your hairline.

6. Position the wig's ear tabs in front of your ears. This centers the wig on your head.

7. Check the fit. The wig should feel secure and snug, but not overly tight. If the virgin brazilian hair is too tight or too loose, adjust the Velcro tabs at the back of the wig and repeat Steps 1 through 7.


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