How Long Would The Wholesale Human Hair Extensions Last?


How Long Would The Wholesale Human Hair Extensions Last?

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Brazilian Hair extensions are now a must-have item for not just celebrities but also for common people. Earlier, celebrities used to wear hair weave or wigs to get a beautiful look. But today most of the ladies have started using Human Hair Weave to get an amazing look. The major reason for high sales of wholesale Human Hair Extensions is its affordable price.

Generally, many people have a common doubt regarding hair extensions that how long could it last? There are mainly 2 types of hair extensions, one is synthetic hair and other one is 100% natural hair. Depending upon the product type, the duration of hair extension can be finalized. Further, it also depends upon the length, if the wholesale human hair extensions are quite short, it could last longer than the original one. However if exposed regularly to extreme heat, the product won’t last longer. On the other hand, longer extensions are hard to manage. Another thing is to buy the product from reliable wholesaler’s hair extension.

So we suggest people to choose best quality hair products, that are 100% natural or virgin hair extensions than going for non-Remy hair. Though the product is higher in cost, it is still worth of purchase. Here are a few tips to help you in maintaining your hair extensions:

1、Avoid standing close to heat, since heat is not good for both synthetic and wholesale human hair extensions.

2、Don’t try to dye the extension if you are not good in doing it. Dying a wig is more difficult than dying your own hair extension. It is better to find a professional to help you in this regard.

3、Avoid combing your hair hard, just comb it softly

4、Using hot water to wash the hair extension is not advisable though the product is brought from a trustworthy wholesaler’s hair extension. Warm or normal water can be used for washing the hair extension.

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