Why more and more people want to buy a human wigs?


Why more and more people want to buy a human wigs?

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The Brazilian Hair market get a fast grown and synthetic hair market is also grown.They ask me why more and more people not like the synthetic hair and perfect buy human hair .Human Hair Weave is more expensive than synthetic hair ,people love to cost more money in their hair style?

First、quality ,synthetic hair is cheap but their material is fiber ,it is very easy to tangle and shedding .Often wear a month ,the hair look very bad and you need to change another one .If you buy a human hair wigs ,if you take good care of it ,you can wear one year and more .Weave Hair material is the true hair from human .Most of human hair is soft ,no tangle easy to comb and take care.

Second、Comfort level,no doubt ,human hair is more comfortable than synthetic hair,why ?some cheap synthetic hair can’t afford the lace cap cost,it’s high and difficult to hand tide.synthetic hair not like human hair ,their technology is higher than synthetic hair .Some good synthetic hair wigs have lace wigs ,but their price is not cheap.

Third、Color,maybe synthetic is hair has more color than human hair ,synthetic has dye is easy than human hair in hair factory.But synthetic human hair wigs can’t dye color ,because synthetic hair is bad material ,it can’t change color any more .Human hair is not like synthetic hair ,it can change color any time ,like your hair ,it can change color ,but can’t change it often.A data from customers ,most of human hair can change three to four time ,if you change often ,the hair will break and it will look bad.

Last、Natural look,synthetic hair more use in cosplay ,they use it to look like the role who in the movie.Human hair is in our normal life ,not like movie or other virtual life.Who like to wear the wigs ?Negro,especially black women.They wear wigs every day.Human hair have baby hair and some wigs have natural hair line ,it’s more natural look than synthetic hair.

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