How to Bond a Weave to Brazilian Hair


How to Bond a Weave to Brazilian Hair

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Wearing Brazilian Hair Bundles is a great way to ramp up your style by adding length and creating a hot new look. Though it takes some time and flexibility, bonding weave into your hair can be done in your own home. With many products and tools to choose from, it's easier than ever to enter a whole new world of homemade bonded weaving styles.

1. Begin with clean,Brazilian Hair. If your hair is naturally curly, it is best to chemically relax or straighten your hair before you begin.

2. Unravel the weft and hold the length up to your Hair Bundles, allowing for a half inch on either side for a natural perimeter hairline. Trim the length of weft as needed, and dab each end with nail glue to prevent shedding. This step can be repeated after each application, or each section can be measured in advance.

3. Start at the nape of your neck and use a rat tail comb to select the first section of your hair to be used as a base on which to bond your weave. Twist the rest of your hair up and away, securing at the crown with one or two duckbill clips. Use a hand mirror to ensure that your section is smooth, even, and positioned to your liking.

4. Lay your shortest piece of extension on a protected surface with the inside of the weft facing up. To recognize the inside of the weft, look for a tiny bit of fringe across the length of one side. Apply a thin layer of weaving glue to the edge of the weft, taking care not to let any drip down the hair.

5. Hold the weft taut between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. In one smooth movement, similar to putting on a jacket, apply the weft across your hair section glue-side down. You can use another duckbill clip to secure the weft into place.

6. Blast with a hair dryer set on high heat, aiming directly at the glued area and part. Dry until the glue is no longer tacky. Don't worry about getting glue on your fingers, as it will peel off easily once dry. Repeat each row of hair as desired.

7. Let the glue set for at least an hour before wetting your hair to regain your natural texture, if you wear your hair in a curly pattern. Trim and blend with shears.

8. Use the rat tail comb to create a part on the area that will be used as a base for your highlight extension, and secure the rest out of the way with a duckbill clip.

9. Measure the length of weft against the section of hair, allowing a bit of leeway on either side of your part. Trim the section of weft and dab nail glue on ends as needed.

10. Position the weft glue-side down against your base hair, and blast with a hair dryer set on high heat, until the glue is no longer tacky. Repeat as desired. Trim and blend with shears.

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