How to Sew Wig Clips in Brazilian virgin hair


How to Sew Wig Clips in Brazilian virgin hair

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brazilian virgin hair are meant to help hold a wig on to a person's head. Sometimes wigs are sold already having the clips sewn in. Other times, the wig has no clips sewn in. Having clips makes it less likely that your wig can fall off and reveal what is underneath. If your wig does not have Malaysian virgin hair, you can easily sew them in yourself.

1. Purchase a package of sew-in clips at a beauty supply store. Most beauty supply stores sell these mini clips for use in hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs. You will need at least four clips, but you can sew in more if you would feel more comfortable with more clips in your wig.

2. Position your wig so the front is facing you. You will start sewing in clips at the front of the wig. You will need to sew in at least two clips.

3. Thread your needle with thread. Try to match the thread color to the color of your wig cap or the hair on your wig. Simply stick one end of a 10-inch piece of thread through the eye of the needle. Pull the thread down on the other side, until the ends meet up evenly. Tie a knot in the thread at the ends.

4. Place a closed hair clip in the inside of the wig. Position it so it is 1 to 2 inches back from the front edge of the wig. Align it with your eye, as if you were wearing the Brazilian virgin hair. The other clip will be sewn 1 to 2 inches back above the other eye.

5. Hold the closed clip in place with one hand, and stick the needle through one of the holes on the outside edge of the hair clip. Pull the thread through to the other side. Come back through the wig to the next hole on the hair clip. Continue threading the holes until you have the clip attached securely.

6. Sew both sides of the hair clip onto the wig. Once you have both clips sewn in on the front, move to the back of the malaysian virgin hair. You will need to sew two clips in the back underside of the wig. Each clip should fall 1 to 2 inches in from the edge of the wig. One clip below each ear will help secure the wig on.

7. Turn the wig to the underside and hold a clip in place. Thread the needle and sew the clip on securely. Go back and forth between the holes on the outside of each hair clip. Knot the thread and cut it off when the clip has been attached securely.


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