The treatment methods of wig frizzy


The treatment methods of wig frizzy

發表 由 westkiss 于 周一 8月 07, 2017 2:09 pm

Wig frizzy how to do? We bought the wig, put on a wig for some time, and certainly how many will encounter similar problems! So there is no good way to get this wig appear edgy, this method is very simple and easy! As long as you do 10 minutes with my method can get frizzy. Super simple 5 steps, you can let the bright shiny wig recovery, do what I do, to be sure!

The first step first inner wig blowing straight blow smoothly. This is the key to supple hair Oh, do not effect Oh!

And then blowing the the straight outer layer of the wig, you can use a comb to straighten the effect, use a little force, wig will slowly straight Oh

Then strengthen the tail direction using a comb blowing inward wig naturally appear perfectly curved Oh!

The use of large amounts of rice balls free wash the hair milk, first rub the the wig hair roots and massage fingers.

Finally, to strengthen the wig hair tail and pressing, wigs become very obedient!


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