How to Synthetic Loose Deep Wave Hair


How to Synthetic Loose Deep Wave Hair

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Synthetic loose deep wave hair can add width and length to your hairstyle. These extensions also give you plenty of options when it comes to styling your hair. Just as with your natural hair, synthetic hair extensions can be curled. Curling your hair extensions can add volume to your hairstyle and help to fuse the african american wigs with your natural hair, making it very hard for others to notice that you're using extensions. It's important that you know the proper way to curl synthetic hair extensions so that you can reuse these extensions after you've removed them.

1. Decide what size curl you would like as your finished product. If you would like large full waves, choose a one and a half inch roller. If you would like tight spirals, choose a quarter inch roller.

2. Dampen the hair extension evenly. To curl synthetic hair, water is the only thing that you will need to add to the hair. Gels and sprays are not necessary and will make it difficult to reuse the extensions.

3. Comb a section that is slightly less wide than the hair roller that you are working with. This section should be no wider than a quarter of an inch.

4. Begin at the end of the section and curl the hair tightly on the roller.

5. Clip the section near the weft to secure it.

6. Continue to wrap the hair on the roller until all of the hair is secure.

7. Allow the hair to air dry.

8. Release the rollers from the hair right before you are about to use the extensions.

Tips & Warnings
Synthetic hair extensions can be curled before or after you add them to your hair.
Do not use heat on synthetic hair. Doing so will melt the hair extensions.


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