How To Wash Virgin Human Hair


How To Wash Virgin Human Hair

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Washing head is a daily task for us, some people regard it as a duty to keep us clean while others enjoy it and get relaxation. However, have you mastered the correct steps of washing your Human Hair Bundles? Now, I am glad to share related informations with you.

First, you need to adjust the water temperature. The water temperature should be from high to low because it could make the Brazilian Hair cuticle close gradually and then the hair style could be made easily. Wash your hair from bottom to the top. Then try to wash your hair from bottom to the top and your hair cuticle would not be destroyed. When you add shampoo in your hair and massage, it will appear the foam which will prevent the hair rub. So why not let them stay on your root of your Weave Hair for a while. At that time, gently massage over scalp help you clear your pore, and make your virgin human hair relax. After finishing above steps, raising the shampoo of with water with proper temperature.

Next, the hair condition is high recommended for you since it is good for your hair cuticle. However, you are supposed to dry your hair if you want to use hair condition. If the hair scalp is dry, and the hair pieces would be dry quickly, which could deduct the hurt of hot wind. I advise you to have your hair scalp dry by hair dryer and the rest hair pieces dry by air. It can reduce the damage to hair. After using the hair condition, just Loosen your virgin human hair otherwise it will have a smell even get mildew.

Take good care of your human virgin hair and enjoy every shampooing hair, you will gain a lotof fun of course a gorgeous hair.

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