How to Take Care of Brazilian Body Wave Hair?


How to Take Care of Brazilian Body Wave Hair?

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Brazilian Hair is extremely distinctive, it isn't as thick as Brazilian body wave hair but isn't as thin as Indian body wave, which makes it versatile to blend with both natural and relaxed hair textures.Brazilian Body Wave Hair can transform your entire look by adding volume and length to your hair. But just like your own natural hair, it requires some care.

Brazilian Hair Body Wave pieces give a bouncy, vibrant and thick hair look. Like other Brazilian Hair textures, our Body Wave Brazilian Hair is also thick and durable, making it the ultimate Virgin Hair Bundles. This hair is coarser in texture than Indian or Brazilian Hair and provides instant volume. Because of the Body Wave style this look will take work to maintain as compared to straighter textures. However, through proper washing, use of curl definers, and other tips and tricks this look will make you the envy of all!

How to Take Care of Brazilian Body Wave
Use fingers to detangle your hair thoroughly, from ends to top, starting at the roots of your hair may cause breakage, then use large tooth comb. Use the paddle brush to smooth hair, style as desired.

Wash your Brazilian body wave extensions every other day with gentle shampoo and conditioner.
Dip in your hair under cold or mild water (do not use hot water) for 5 minutes, make sure it is thoroughly wet.

Apply a small amount of shampoo and gently rub it, then rinse out the shampoo (use shampoo intended for hair extensions is better), and then use condition to deep conditioning your hair.

Hang the extensions up to dry
Pat your Brazilian body wave hair dry and do not brush them when it is wet. Hang your hair extensions to a well-ventilated area, and wait until it is dry. Then you can use wide tooth to brush and style your hair extensions.

Avoid using heat styling on your hair
You'd better not use hair styling on your sewn in hair weave, such as straightening or curling. If you must use it, use a heat protecting spray and a medium to low temperature.

Apply some natural oil
Apply some type of natural oil, such as coconut or olive oil, to help your hair be wet and wavy, shinny and silky. Oil should also be applied to any portions of your hair that are left out, especially at the crown, nape and hairline.

When sleeping, cover your hair with silk scarf to keep it from frizzy and tangling while you sleep, and help your hair extensions keep its original state.

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