Why So Many People Choose Real Human Hair Extensions?


Why So Many People Choose Real Human Hair Extensions?

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A lot of people talk about hair extensions, they usually mean real Weave Hair, however, the type and where the hair from affect the quality and price of the extensions. Sometimes the hair extensions you received contain Human Hair Bundles with synthetic fibers or animal hair, so it is important to check which website or dealer you are buying from. People are more likely to buy real Bundles With Frontal human hair because synthetic fibers has a lot disadvantages.

Synthetic hair feels more frizzy and tends to be more shiny. While real human hair extensions could be cut like your natural hair, it will look the way you want and be part of your own hair.

Dropped Hair
Hair extensions made with dropped hair are usually made from the hair cut in salons. Those hairs are not long and generally in poor quality. However, the hair is much cheaper. The other dropped hair extensions are made with hair that is cut from one woman who grows it, she have to cut her hair and sell it, this type of dropped hair extensions is sold a higher price.

Virgin Hair
Unprocessed virgin hair is also available. It has not been dyed or conditioned. This type of hair uses thicker Asian hair or Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair. Processed virgin hair may have been treated with a lot chemicals, the treatment will remove the cuticles, and your virgin hair will not last long.

If you want a curly or wavy hair look, then real human hair extensions will be your best choice. Because it is very difficult to make synthetic fibers look natural. There are a large variety of curls and waves in different levels to fit your own natural hair.

Remy Hair
Remy is the best real human hair extensions. Remy hair is usually cut from one single donor and then be wefted to one bundle, from root to end, the hair keeps cuticles the same direction, it looks very natural and feels smooth. Remy hair is often virgin as well, it can be any hair type from Brazil, Peru, Asia, etc. In many cases Remy is misused in hair extensions, so it is very important for you to check before placing your orders.

Remy hair extensions is usually for long term use, you can braided or weaved in. This is because real human hair extensions last longer, while clip in hair extensions made with real human hair are for temporary use.

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