Which Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair to choose?


Which Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair to choose?

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It is very important to know the difference between the Brazilian Hair and peruvian hair if u are always buy the virgin hair extensions.If u are not sure,then u can ask ur hairstylist to decide the hair for u ,but u also should know the difference.

Brazilian Virgin Hair

We can think from the name the brazilian,the material should be sourced from the rural parts of brazil.The hair is thick,soft,and also have its natural wavy. The hair is characteristic of the ethnic diversity of Brazil. However, there are also differences in the texture and quality of the hair based on which region it was obtained from. Some vendors say that ur also provide the virgin hair,but in fact,their hair is actually a lower end type of Body Wave Hair branded as such for the purpose of marketing.

Besides,the Brazilian virgin hair extension have a nother common characteristic which can hold a curl well,and it is very easy to maintain and also can last for a long time.

Peruvian Virgin Hair

Just like its Brazilian virgin hair,?peruvian virgin hair extensions are also sourced from the rural areas of Peru. The natural features of Peruvian hair is naturally wavy and thick. But while Brazilian hair are often pitch black, Peruvian Hair is coarser and comes in a variety of shades including light or deep brown shades. For those looking for a bouncy hair with lots of body and volume, this is a good choice for you. If u want the hair looks more bounce,u also can choose the peruvian,it also can hold a curls well with the styling tools. Since the strands itself are naturally thick, you will be required to use less bundles to make a full head

In a word,both types of virgin hair extensions have their own characteristics that u may seek. It is up to you to decide which of these virgin hair extensions would best suit your natural hair color, texture and your desired hairstyle.

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