How to Repair Human Hair Bundles


How to Repair Human Hair Bundles

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Human Hair Bundles let you experiment with different styles and lengths, regardless of your natural hair. Extensions need care in the same way your regular hair does. With long wear and improper care, Human Hair Bundles can become dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Try these steps to repair hair extensions and prevent further damage.

1. Brush your extensions gently with a comb. Free the extensions of any tangles.

2. Wash extensions every five days if you wear them continuously. Avoid shampooing too often, as this will cause unnecessary dryness. Use a mild shampoo to lather and gently clean your extensions, making sure to rinse completely.

3. Apply a nourishing conditioner to the extensions, paying close attention to the ends. The ends of hair extensions are often the driest part. Rinse completely, making sure not to leave any reside behind.

4. Warm the hot-oil treatment in the microwave and apply to hair extensions. Hot-oil treatments restore shine and moisture to hair. You can find hot-oil treatments at any beauty-supple store. Avoid hot-oil treatments that contain alcohol, as this will strip the hair. Massage the oil into the hair.

5. Leave the treatment on for 15 to 20 minutes to allow the moisture to lock in. Rinse the extensions.

6. Dry your extensions naturally. Blot out extra water with a towel and hang them up to dry. Blow drying your extensions will only cause more dryness and damage.

7. Avoid using curling irons or straighteners to prevent further heat damage to your Human Hair Bundles. The less heat you use, the longer your extensions will last.


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