The Step To Wash Your Brazilian Hair


The Step To Wash Your Brazilian Hair

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Normally,we don’t need to wash our Brazilian Hair Bundles frequently.What we need to do is hand it on and spray water till it dry.If you wear hair everyday,you want to keep the hair clear, you can use the Hair Bundles conditioner and soak in the water.Wash gently,finally,use dry towel to make it dry.

How to clean and won't harm the Brazilian Hair ? To clean the wig also ensures a wig will not suffer damage, can according to the regular cleaning wig steps to operation, how specific wig cleaning steps are:

1: In special comb to comb wig;
2:The wig in soak in cold water for 5-10 minutes.Time is too long, hair is easy to fall off;
3:Washed by hand, can't use the washing machine:
4:Choose good quality shampoo, with the hand gently grasp the hair is OK.
5:use water to wash, use Special wig hair conditioner
6:With a dry towel (2, 3) to the water on the wig dry, don't be screwed by hand or in the washing machine to dry
7: Don’t use hair dyer and exposure to the sunshine.
8: when wig hair dry to ninety percent, with the hand gently grasp a hair, with a special wig comb the wig comb;

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