The Top Hair Styles For Wigs


The Top Hair Styles For Wigs

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Peruvian Hair is her crowning glory. We spend countless hours and dollars on products and practices to keep it looking its best.

Unfortunately, her confidence can take a hit when suffering from Lace Front Wigs loss brought on by harsh chemotherapy treatments or alopecia. In the past, women had to rely on fake looking wigs and hairpieces to cover up when they were feeling a little blue about their appearance. But thanks to 360 Lace Wigs, today’s offerings are a lot more realistic, comfortable, and covetable.

While there are hundreds of amazing styles on the market, the following four cuts tend to be the most sought after by women looking to purchase a wig of their own:

A hot look for natural hair, the pixie cut is one of the most popular cuts for wigs. Lightly layered for slicked down or spiked up styles, the pixie is a super versatile cut that adds volume and texture where you need it most.

Sophisticated and chic, almost any one can pull off a blunt or layered bob. Usually cut longer in the front and shorter in the back, a layered bob frames the face, drawing attention to your cheekbones and eyes.

Light with lots of bounce, layered styles mimic the natural movement of your real hair.

Full length
If you like to change it up on a regular basis, the best choice is a long-haired wig, they offer maximum versatility in the styling department.

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