How to Prepare for Hair Bundles


How to Prepare for Hair Bundles

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Peruvian Hair can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months and are gentler than other methods of hair extensions. This method bonds directly to your hair using either a keratin-based polymer or hot glue to bond directly to your Brazilian Hair at the root.

1. Decide on the look that you want. Hair Bundles can last for up to 6 months so commit to a style you want. This includes length and thickness.

2. Order the proper amount of hair. For longer looks, order more hair pieces so that the bottom of your hair matches the thickness at the top of your head. For shorter looks that just add thickness, less hair pieces are required.

3. Choose the color you want for your look. You can order all of the hair pieces in your base color or add highlights or low lights to your hair. You can even choose colors completely out of the traditional color ranges.

4. Color your hair before putting the extensions into your hair. Do this to avoid breaking the hair extensions early. As a side note, you may not want to sit to have your hair colored after sitting for the length of time it takes to have the extensions bonded to your scalp.

5. Shampoo your hair the day you are going to have your extensions bonded to your hair. Make sure that your hair is clean and dry. Condition only the tips of your hair, if at all. Do not use conditioner on the roots of your hair that day because it places unnecessary oils in your hair and the process may not bond properly.

6. Flat iron your hair. While not completely necessary, you may want to flat iron your hair so that your hair is the same style and texture as the fused hair.

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