How to Apply Brazilian Hair Bundles


How to Apply Brazilian Hair Bundles

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Brazilian Hair are made with a bonding tip that allows attachment to the hair. The process involves connecting the fusion hair extension to the Hair Bundles with a bonding device that heats the extensions on to the natural hair. With proper maintenance, hair fusions can last up to Brazilian Hair Bundles.

1. Part a horizontal section of the hair with a rat-tail comb, starting at the nape of the hair. Separate the front part of the hair and secure it with a hair clip or pony tail holder. Grab a small cluster of strands, approximately 25 pieces, and attach the bonding devices near the root of the natural hair.

2. Apply the heating device to the bonding attachment, being sure not to get too close to your scalp, approximately 1/4 inch from the roots. It's best to use protective gloves to protect your fingers from getting burned by the heating device.

3. Roll the bonding attachment between your fingers until it has flattened out and cooled off. Hold it downward as it is cooling. Use enough extensions to make the hair look full or adjust to meet your specifications.

4. Continue the process until you have completed the whole head. Stop when you reach the crown of the head. Leave the natural hair out around the edges, because this will be used to hide the fusion extensions. As with hair extensions, certain styles provide better coverage to disguise the added hair.

5. Lift hair up and styles as desired. The hair can be curled and styled along with the natural hair. Experiment with different hairstyles. Extensions can be left in the hair for several months when applied properly. In most cases, hair fusion extensions can be washed to maintain hair health.

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