The must-try hair colors for spring


The must-try hair colors for spring

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Despite the bitter chill still lingering in the Wigs, it is officially spring. From reorganizing our homes to rejuvenating our dry winter skin to revamping our wardrobes, it's time for a fresh start in all aspects of life. And what better way to kick it off than with a Wigs For Women? Here, we enlist some top industry experts to let us in on the must-have shades for spring.

Good news for those nervous about bleaching: This ultra-light color is created by a high-lift, single process that will not damage your Full Lace Wigs. Women with lighter skin tones are often best suited for this color, but should be wary of shades that are too white or ashy.

Those with dark blonde or light brown hair looking to keep more of their natural color should go for a honey hue, like Cara Delevingne, with a soft scattering of highlights to create depth at the roots. Balayage, The key is having depth at the roots that fades into lighter tips with a soft haze between the shades," says Papanikolas. "I like to think of it as 'Glamorous Roots.' The end result is much more youthful and flattering than a heavy bleach job."

For brown-haired women this season, it's all about rich monochromatic shades with light contrasts like Kate Middleton. If you have "dark chocolate" hair, Papanikolas suggests "milk chocolate" highlights. If you have milk chocolate hair, go for soft honey highlights. Ombré is still in (albeit a much more subtle version), so you should avoid highlighting your roots. "This will keep your hair looking soft, pretty, and sophisticated," says Papanikolas. "Too much contrast at the roots with light highlights will give you a harsh zebra effect."

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