Bleached Blonde Hair Care


Bleached Blonde Hair Care

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Hair Bundles dyes can damage your tresses, but bleaching is by far the harshest treatment for your hair. Since peroxide strips away natural oils and moisture from your hair, you’ll need to be extra careful about restoring that moisture and keeping your Virgin Hair free of split ends. If you want your bleached blonde look to be stunning, here’s what you need to do for your Human Hair Bundles.

Whether you’re getting light blonde highlights or going for a light base color, you need to be careful about bleaching your hair too often. Use it only on the roots once you feel like you need touch-ups, then follow the rules of bleached blonde hair care.
Even if your colorist recommends liquid bleach, you’re better off using it powdered. Transitioning from a brunette to a blonde shouldn’t be sudden, so make sure you’re patient since going for lighter and lighter shades over a few months is less damaging to your hair.

One of the most important elements of bleached blonde hair care is weekly deep conditioning. Make sure you use a powerful leave-in conditioner at least one a week, but you should also choose a conditioning shampoo for blondes and use it every time you shampoo. Natural hair treatments that can be used for deep conditioning include extra virgin oil oil and coconut oil.

Drying you hair can become quite challenging after you’ve bleached it. First of all, swap your regular towel with a old tee made from soft cotton. This will help you fight the frizz and avoid stripping too much moisture for your hair. Air drying or using a blow dryer on the cold setting is recommended, as you should avoid heat styling tool. Put them away or restrict your use and always use a good heat-protection serum if you absolutely need to use the flat iron or curling iron.

For good bleached blonde hair care, you need to start protecting your hair when you go swimming, especially in swimming pools. Getting your hair wet with bottled water is important, since it protects it from absorbing too much chlorine or salt. If your bleached hair is exposed to chlorine too much, it can get an ugly green tint.

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