The Basics About Wigs and Cancer Treatment


The Basics About Wigs and Cancer Treatment

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Wearing a Wigs when chemo makes your hair take a vacation can help with your self-image and improve your outlook during treatment. If you've never used a wig before, you may be wondering what your Wigs For Women. It's a good idea to visit a local wig salon and try on several wigs before you make a purchase. But before you go, here are some basic facts about wigs to get you started. Let's start your tour from the inside of the Full Lace Wigs.

A wig base is the structure that fits against your head and has the wefts (hair units) or strands attached to it. The right wig base, or wig cap, can make your wig look great and help you feel confident. Only you will see the wig base - but it affects how the wig looks, styles, fits and endures.

Although there are programs that can help you get a free wig to use during cancer treatment, you may consider buying one. Check with your health insurance, to see if they help with the cost of a cranial prosthesis - that's the medical term for a wig. Human hair wigs are the most expensive models you can find. High quality human hair wigs from Europe tops the price list, with hair from India and Asia a close second. Some real hair wigs are a mix of human and animal hair, which cuts the cost a little. Synthetic hair wigs generally sell for lower prices than real hair, but a high-quality synthetic wig can cost as much as a medium quality human hair wig. Wig hair is graded by strength, elasticity, and porosity. The higher the hair quality, the greater your cost, and with care, the longer you will be able to wear the wig. Consider how long you might need to wear a wig before you decide what you want to spend on it.

Wigs and hairpieces, like your natural hair, will need care and attention to keep them looking good. Plan on shampooing, conditioning and drying your wig. Use the right products for wig maintenance - stock up on wig shampoo, wig conditioner and wig spray. Never use a curling iron on a synthetic wig, unless it is made of special heat resistant polymers. Synthetic hair can melt or frizz - and must be repaired if it's damaged. Invest in a folding wig stand if you plan on traveling with a wig. You should use a wig brush, not a hairbrush, on a wig. Brush it out gently to avoid pulling out hairs. If you use barrettes or clips on a wig, remove them overnight so crimps don't permanently bend the hair. The better you take care of your wig, the longer it will keep you looking good!

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