Ways to Put in Hair Bundles


Ways to Put in Hair Bundles

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The different types of Hair Bundles available today have given women hair options that range across the board. A woman's hair has always been her crowning glory and now those born with problem hair or Brazilian Hair Bundles can have the long sweeping locks they have always dreamed of.

There are basically two types of hair extensions--human and synthetic. Human Hair Bundles are made of donated or sold human hair and are best for long-term use The highest quality of human hair extensions are called Remy. Remy extensions have the cuticle of the each individual hair laying in the same direction just as it is in your own hair. Lesser quality human hair extensions come from Asian coarse hair, and the cuticle may lay any direction. The main advantage of natural hair is that it can be treated and maintained like your own hair. Synthetic hair extensions are made of manmade materials and are better for temporary use. Synthetic extensions are difficult to brush, shampoo or style as they will break, mat, tangle and singe with styling methods. Synthetic extensions are useful for trying new styles to find the look you seek in a long-term extension.

There are essentially four different methods for attaching extension hair. You must buy the appropriate extension type for each method. To attach a weave, your own natural hair is braided against your scalp vertically to give a base for the hair to be sewn onto. These may last up to four months, but are harsh on your own hair. Clip-in hair extensions are wefts cut in varying lengths and have small hair clips attached to them. Clip-in hair is the most temporary and can be worm only on a daily basis. It is not recommended to sleep in clip-in hair. Fusion extensions are attached strand by strand to small pieces of your natural hair with a glue and heat method and can last for up to six months. Micro links are individual strands like fusion but no heat is used. A small hollow tube is installed onto small pieces of your natural hair. The tube is pushed close to the scalp where an I-tip strand is slid into the small ring. A pair of special pliers are used to clamp the micro ring and attach the extension to your natural hair strand. Micro ring extensions are wearable for three to six months. The method you use will depend on several factors such as your natural hair type, the length of time you desire to wear your new look and the care you use in maintaining your extensions.

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