How to Put in Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions


How to Put in Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

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Pre-bonded extensions are made with 100% human hair Wigs and come in various textures and colors, and can last up to four months with proper care. With the right tools and time-tested application methods, you'll be well on your way to a Wigs For Women.

1. Prepare your workspace by turning on your heating tool and placing the Full Lace Wigs on a flat surface within reach. If you want a more natural appearance on areas such as the sides and rear hairline, you can snip 15 pieces of hair through the center of the glue base and set aside.

2. Separate the hair into sections. First, take a horseshoe-shaped section of hair on top of the head, encompassing the bangs and crown. Twist the hair and clip it out of the way with duckbill clips. Next, comb the sideburns forward and pin in front of the ears. Create a horizontal part about halfway between the crown section and the nape of the neck; clip the upper section out of the way.

3. Clamp the pincers of the heating tool against the glue tip and selected hair strands. You can hold the tool in place or open and close the clamp several times. Listen for the sizzling sound of the glue heating, as this is when you will remove the tool.

4. Repeat the application down the row by selecting sections of hair strands, heating the glue tip so that the extension bonds to the hair and allowing the glue to cool in a cylinder around the hair.

5. Unclip your lower hair section on the back of the head and comb a thin horizontal part just above the row of application. Reclip the rest of the hair out of the way. Apply extensions to this row and the section above it until you reach the horseshoe-shaped section at the top of the head.

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