How To Infuse Your Hair Bundles


How To Infuse Your Hair Bundles

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Blame it on the sun, the chlorine, the salt: Summer is hard on Hair Bundles. Thankfully, we can turn to hair guru Kevin Mancuso and celebrity stylist Lona Vigi for a regimen that will bring dull, dry hair back to life just in time for Brazilian Hair Bundles.

1: On wet hair, massage shampoo from root to tip. Pro tip: Because summer Human Hair Bundles aggressors like chlorine, salt, and sunscreen can diminish shine, Vigi recommends mixing a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with two cups of warm water and working the cocktail through wet hair before shampooing. The DIY treatment acts like a clarifier to rinse away residue. Use it just once or twice every few months, she says—anything more is excessive.

2: Use an conditioner as its cleansing counterpart to nourish. "Focus on the ends and distribute with a wide-tooth comb," Mancuso says. Let it linger for five minutes or longer, and finish with a cold-water rinse. Contrary to popular belief, "don't rinse too thoroughly," Mancuso says. Over-rinsing can strip your hair of its natural oils, so stop when you feel just a light coating, he says.

3: You already know oils are the greased lightning of hair care. Gently towel-dry hair to cut down on frizz and apply just one pump from mid-length to the ends of your hair. Blow-dry or air-dry, and if you're happy with your look—you're good to go!

This cool gadget infuses strands with moisture, adding lift and volume; use it right before you head out for an extra-luscious look. Fill the basin with water, let it warm up, and pull the trigger. Holding it a few inches away from your scalp, ease the prongs through your hair section by section to distribute mist. The result: shiny, healthy, hydrated, happy hair. Do a few dramatic hair tosses in the mirror. Now go stop some traffic.

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