How to dye a real Hair Bundles at home


How to dye a real Hair Bundles at home

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A wig made of real Hair Bundles offers all of the smooth, natural beauty of hair and is more discreet than wigs made of artificial hair. Just like real hair, such wigs can be dyed to instantly change the wearer's look. Learn how to dye a real Brazilian Hair Bundles at home for everyday use or a special event.

1. Wash the real Human Hair Bundles with a gentle shampoo and do not apply conditioner or any styling products. Allow the wig to air dry for 48 hours.

2. Comb the wig with a large tooth comb to straighten out tangles. Separate the wig into small sections and pin together using the hair pins. The size of each section will vary according to the length and volume of hair on your wig. Typically, each section should be the size of an amount of hair you can grasp in one hand.

3. Put on the plastic gloves included in your hair dye kit to protect your skin from the dye's chemicals. Apply the dye to the wig one section at a time to ensure even coverage, removing each hair pin as you progress to a new section. Apply from the tip of the hair to the roots.

4. Wait for the dye to work according to the timeline laid out in the specific dye product's guidelines. Most dyes will fully permeate the hair shaft within 30 minutes.

5. Rinse the hair wig under warm water. Run your fingers through the wig until the water runs clear. Apply the intensive conditioning treatment included with the hair dye kit to reinvigorate the wig's hair shafts with moisture and limit the damage caused by the dyeing chemicals. Rinse, dry and resume use of the hair wig.

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