How to Fix a Matted Wig


How to Fix a Matted Wig

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Fixing a matted Wigs requires special handling care to ensure its style remains intact. Running a brush or comb through a dry synthetic wig, for example, can cause serious damage to the hair piece. Portions of Wigs For Women may be inadvertently removed, and curls or strands may lose form. Carry out the reparation process in a thorough manner --- but do not rush. A slow and steady process makes certain the Full Lace Wigs becomes clean and revamped while remaining intact.

1. Fill a basin with two quarts of cold water. Dump in two capfuls of shampoo. Submerge the wig hair in the sink for 60 seconds. Massage the wig hair to clean and free it from its matted shape. Remove the wig from the basin and rinse clean with cold water.

2. Place the wig onto a clean towel. Blot the wig with the towel to soak up excess moisture --- but do not rub the wig. Allow the wig to sit for 24 hours to completely dry.

3. Mix one part fabric softener to four parts cool water in a spray bottle. Squirt one area of the wig one to six times --- depending on how much it remains matted. Gently run a comb or wire brush through the softened area until the shape of the wig is regained. Repeat this step for all remaining areas of the wig.

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