Matching Colours When Buying Hair Extensions


Matching Colours When Buying Hair Extensions

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One Leading Hair Bundles Suppliers Give Their Tips On Buying Hair Extensions——Matching colors.

1. Always look at the tips of your hair and not your roots/fringe when trying to match your hair to the colours of the Brazilian Hair Bundles.

2. Always place the extensions under the last and first layers of your Malaysian Hair to ensure the colours blend.

3. If you do not do the above, you will end up with a 3 tier colour affect and will not blend seamlessly.

4. Natural hair colours can often be difficult to blend as most hair extensions have been chemically coloured, whereas natural hair colours obviously haven’t. Coloured hair extensions can hold a lot of gold tones, however natural hair colours can be one-toned can be a little flat in colour – the solution for this is to go a shade darker with the extensions. This can give the illusion your hair has natural highlights and with a nice soft wave or curl this can blend the colours together. Another very popular look is the ombre/balayage look whereby you add a lighter tone to the ends of your hair.

5. Some hair colours, coloured and uncoloured can consist of a mix of tones. Most good manufacturers will have a number of different mixed shades you can match to.

6. Always choose your hair extensions after you have dyed your hair otherwise you won’t get the best possible match.

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