How to Grow Human Hair to Sell


How to Grow Human Hair to Sell

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In the beauty industry, Brazilian Hair is regularly used to add length and fullness to the existing hair of models, actress and women who want longer hair without having to grow it. To keep up with the demand for wigs and hairpieces, manufacturers are willing to pay money for quality Human Hair Weave. However, to sell your hair for money, your hair has to be at least 10 inches long in a ponytail. If your Cheap Human Hair Weave isn't that length, you can grow it out in a way that it is healthy, strong and more likely to make you money.

1、Wash your hair every other day with a moisturizing shampoo. Rinse completely with warm water. Apply a moisturizing conditioner after each wash to ensure that your hair maintains its moisture balance and has better protection against heat. Clean and conditioned hair will become stronger and healthier as it grows, which makes your hair more desirable when selling. Deep condition your hair once a week to help prevent split ends.

2、Towel blot your hair to gently remove excess moisture after each shampoo and condition. Never vigorously towel dry your hair or use a brush on your hair while it is wet.

3、Spray a leave-on conditioner on your wet hair before using a blow dryer. Spray generously, and use the wide-tooth comb to distribute it from root to ends. This will protect your hair from being damaged by the blow dryer's heat.

4、Use care when blow drying your hair. After towel blotting, wrap it in the towel for 15 minutes. This will help prevent heat damage as well as speed up the drying process. Set your blow dryer to the lowest setting when drying your hair, or sit under a hooded dryer.

5、Avoid curling irons, flat irons and other thermal styling products as much as possible to prevent singeing or burning your hair. Opt for wet setting your hair with curlers and a hooded dryer or letting your hair air dry.

6、Prevent hair breakage by not teasing your hair for volume when styling. Refrain from over-brushing, which can pull and break your hair. When wearing a ponytail, keep it loose and use a coated elastic band, never a rubber band.

7、Trim the ends of your hair every four to six weeks. Never wait longer than eight weeks for a trim. Trimming your hair prevents split ends that can work their way up your hair shaft.

8、Drink plenty of water to keep your hair properly hydrated. Eat well-balanced meals and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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