How to Remove Glued Hair Extensions


How to Remove Glued Hair Extensions

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Glued hair extensions are popular because they appear more realistic than Brazilian Hair applied with other techniques. However, when it is time to remove them, you must exercise great care to avoid pulling Human Hair Weave out in the process. Although it is best to leave the work to the stylist who glued the extensions in, you can take them out yourself if you choose the right supplies and work carefully.

1、Determine the type of glue used to bond the extensions to your Cheap Human Hair Weave. Common bonding glues are wax-based, vegetable-based and keratin-based glues, and they each require a specific type of adhesive remover. If you don't know what type of glue was used with your hair extensions, you may have to contact the stylist who performed the work.

2、Part the hair to reveal the roots where the extensions have been attached. Select a small section of the glued hair.

3、Apply some of the adhesive remover to a cotton pad. Wrap the wet pad around the glued part of the hair. Hold the pad in place for about two minutes or the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. The remover should soften the glue.

4、Place the softened glued portion between the jaws of a pair of pliers. Press the handles of the pliers together until the glue is shattered. Slide the hair extension off the hair. Do this gently to avoid pulling the hair strands out.

5、Repeat the removal process until you have removed all the extensions from the natural hair.

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